[Blood Pressure Monitor] Details on the application

To access details on the Blood Pressure Monitor simply touch the green banner in the main menu.



In the new screen that opens you can consult the history of your measurements.



1. Choose the diplay type for the graph: by week / month / year / total

2. Progression graph

3. Complete measurement data showing: arterial pressure (Systolic and diastolic) , beats per min, how your data compares to world health guidelines

4. Lets you check a measure on a specific date

5. Lets you change the data displayed to data recorded in the morning / day / evening or over 24hrs

6. touch to manually add a measurement

7. lets you change the data displayed)

8. Share your measurement on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail

9. Go back to the previous menu

If you want to change how your measurements are displayed touch  .



1. List of synced measurements

2. Touch to manually add a measurement

3. Go back to the graph display

4. Go back to the previous menu

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