What do all the network icons E, 3G, H and 4G in the status bar mean?

 When you are connected to your mobile network, several icons can appear (listed below by order of conection speed):


  • E : (EDGE or Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) is the slowest data connection. 


  • 3G : (UMTS or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) represents the 3rd generation data connection.


  • H : (HSPA or High Speed Downlink Packet Access) is faster than 3G and is also called 3G+.


  • 4G : (LTE or Long Term Evolution) is the last network mobile evolution and is also the fastest.

The 4G Network lets you have the fastest rates and provides a fast connection while the E network is the slowest connection.
However, true network quality depends on the congestion and the coverage.  This is the reason why it is possible to encounter a slow connection even when on a 4G network. 

Please note that you need to have a phone compatible with these standards to have them on your device.

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