How can I pair my Activity Tracker to my smart device?

To pair the Activity Tracker with your Android or iOS smart device, you will need to first launch the  ARCHOS Connected Self application and press the settings button  in the main menu.


In the box that show onjectss associated with your account press the  button then on the  button to start the pairing process.


Once the pairing process has begun on the application you need to start the pairing process on the Activity Tracker. To do this press and hold the button on the Activity Tracker for 6 seconds until the following logo is shown on the screen.




Your smart device will then detect the Activity Tracker. If it doesn't then press the   in the application on your smart device to restart the pairing process.


Once paired press the object that appears in the application to finish the pairing process. Wait while the process finishes and the Activity Tracker will show Success! on the screen. If it does not display then you will need to restart the procedure.


Once the Activity Tracker has been associated with your account you can choose to whcih user the data will be assigned to.

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