How can I connect to a WiFi network?

Go to  (or) Settings > Wireless & networks > WiFi and slide the switch to the ON position. 


Press WiFi to see the list of nearby networks. They are shown in two ways: 


  • Open network, no password is required to connect 
  • Secure network, a password is required to connect 


Select the WiFi network of your choice and then select Connect. If the network is secured, you will need to enter a password or connect via WPS. 


When you connect to a network, your device will remember your network connection details, whether it is open or closed, whether the connection was done with a password or via WPS. As soon as your device is near the network you were previously connected to, it will automatically try to connect. To forget a network, press the name of the network and select Forget


If you are connected to your network, an icon  will be displayed in the status bar at the top of your screen. The number of bars notifies the  quality of the signal. If no bar is visible, you're not connected. If the bars are grey, connexion is not properly established and no data exchange is possible between your device and WiFi network. In this case, deactivate and reactivate WiFI. 


Connecting with a password


Please read the following FAQ to find the password for your WiFi network. 


You have the possibility to tick the box Show password to make sure you enter the right password. If access to your WiFi network requires a specific setup, tick the box Advanced. 


Connecting via WPS


To connect via WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), you need to have a compatible device as well as a compatible WiFi router. With this option, you will need any password.  

If the icon  is displayed in the settings, then it means your device is compatible. You simply need to press the pairing button of your router (if it is compatible) and then press the icon WPS on your device to connect to a WiFi network. 


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