How can I manually update my device?

If you do not have an active Internet connection on your device, you can perform a manual update. You will need: 

  • your device with enough battery 
  • a compatible USB cable 
  • an AC adapter (not always needed)
  • your device update

The method for updating the same on every device. 


  1. download your update 
  2. turn on your device and plug it to your computer 
  3. copy the update (without decompressing it) from your computer to the internal memory of your device 
  4. unplug the device from your computer 

The update should automatically be detected once you have un-plugged your device. If this is not the case, go in the Files application  (by default) and touch the name of the update (format IMG, ZIP or AOS) so that Android™ can start to install it. 


Please note that depending on the connection mode, your device won't always be imediately detected by your computer. You may need to change connection mode. 


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