How to reinitialize my ARCHOS Tv Connect ?

ARCHOS Tv Connect


This process is recommended for your device if : it is frozen, it doesn’t turn on or you are experiencing a software issue. It will allow you to perform a low level format on your device. Thus all the data will be deleted, you won't be able to retrieve them. We strongly recommend to back them up first.


  • What you'll need
    • A USB cable
    • A PC running Windows® (XP or superior)
    • A USB mouse or a CEC remote control
  1. Download the required files

    You will need the original firmware to reinitialize your device. From your computer, please download and save on the desktop (or in a folder) :

    • The file firmware_archos_it4x.aos that you can download here
  2. Entering in recovery mode on your Tv Connect
    1. Unplug the DC IN on the Tv Connect. The device must connected to your TV.
    2. Press & hold ON/OFF then plug the DC IN to the device.
    3. You can release ON/OFF once the LED on the front become green.
    4. A white boot menu will be displayed on to your television, plug the USB cable into the PC and into the Tv Connect.

    Use the mouse wheel plugged into the Tv Connect or your CEC remote control to navigate and validate either with the left button of your mouse or the appropriate button of your remote control.


    If you failed to access to the recovery menu, please start again from the step 2.
  3. Formatting the Tv Connect
    1. Select "Format system" then validate
    2. Select "Reformat Device..." then validate
    3. Finally choose "I understand" and validate
    4. A progress bar will be displayed during the process. Once the message "USB Connection: Press OK to disconnect" appears, paste the firmware from your computer to your device at the root, as shown below then validate with ON/OFF on your tablet.



Your device has now been reinitialized. To download and install the original content of your tablet, please see the following FAQ.

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