Why I can't connect to Internet?

To connect to Internet, you need to use one of these options:


  • a working WiFi connection
  • a working 3G/4G connection (for compatible devices)
  • a working Ethernet connection (for compatible devices)

Make sure that the selected connection is correctly configured in Settings  (or)  (see below).

Check to make sure that you are in an area covered by the wireless network by making sure that the WiFi or 3G/4G connection is showing some connection bars.

See if Airplane mode  is not activated in Settings More as this option turns off all wireless connections.




Your Wifi must be turned on (the switch is Blue and ON) and you need to be logged on the.

To see if you are connected, go to Settings WiFi. If you are connected to a network, it will be displayed as connected.

To connect, select the desired network and type in the password if necessary.




Mobile data needs to be activated, you also have to make sure that you are in an area covered by the mobile network.

To check if mobile data is activated, select Settings More... Mobile networks and see if the corresponding box is checked.

In most of the cases, the 3G/4G connection is automatically set up. If it's not the case, press Access point names and set up your network following the settings  provided by your Mobile Network Provider.

You may need also, depending on your Mobile Network Provider, need to activate your Data Roaming in Settings Wireless & networks > Data usage.




A RJ45 cable needs to be connected to your device and your Internet router. If the connection is successful, LEDs are turned on the cable connectors.

If the connection fails, check your Internet router settings and contact support.

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