How do I pair / unpair a 433 MHz accessory?

First, make sure that the remote that was provided with your 433 device is paired with your device. Follow the instructions on the user guide to pair correctly. 

Pair an accessory


From the ARCHOS Smart Home application, go to the  Accessoiries menu on the left and press on the right top. Select the type of 433 MHz accessories that you want to add and then simply follow the pairing procedure. 

With a 433 MHz accessory functionning only in one direction, you will need to confirm the record on button  (1) and the record off button (2) via the remote provided by the manufacturer so the codes could be integrated to the Smart Home Tablet.


 Make sure to press only once on each button during the process because the Smart Home will save each and every input. 



The application will then suggest you to rename your accessory and assign it a room, the same process as for a Smart Home accessory. 


Unpair an accessory


It is the same proccess than for the Smart Home accessory. In the menu Accessories, press the name of the 433 MHz accessory than you want to unpair, a menu will be displayed, select Unpair

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