Which are the limitations of a 433 MHz accessory?

The 433 MHz frequency range is supposed to have a longer communication range than Bluetooth® Smart. Its limitations also depend on its environment: because of its weak frequency, the environment plays an important role on the communication range. Thus, in a cluttered room, the communication range can be limited. 


Unlike Bluetooth® Smart, a 433 MHz accessory sends a signal only in one direction, there is no feedback. You will never know if it worked or not, you won't see the state of your accessory in the application. Also, each possible action made by your device (ON/OFF or Open/Close) needs to be learnt by the Archos Smart Home.


The 433 MHz frequency range is also used by many other systems (for example talkies-walkies) and is very widespread. It is thus possible to have interference on this frequency. 


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