Why is my 433 MHz accessory not working properly?

Make sure you followed the pairing procedure between your accessories and your system correctly. You can check in the All accessoires menu than your accessory is correctly integrated and connected to your system. 


433MHz products compatible with the Archos Smart Home Tablet are limited to certain manufacturers. It could be that your accessory may not be compatible. Probably because the manufacturer installed encryption to prevent ARCHOS making its tablet compatible with your accessory. Please refer to the list of manufacturers providing 433 MHz accessories compatible with the Archos Smart Home Tablet ..


The 433 MHz frequency use is very widespread, it is possible that there are many devices using it in a closed area interfering with your device. 

Also make sure to use your accessory in a zone relatively closed to your Smart Home, the communication range of this kind of accessory is very limited by its environment: there clearer the zone, the better the signal. 


During the learn and control setup of your accessory with the Smart Home Tablet, make sure that no interferance can occur, otherwise it will create a latent period between the sending of the information and the action. 

For instance, if during the learning process, another 433 MHz accessory is activated, your Smart Home will intergrate all the codes, disturbing your accessory. It can occur because this frequency is used by many other devices. 


In the case you encounter a delay, simply unpair the accessory and pair it again.  


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