What can I do if my micro-SD card is not detected by my device?

As a first step, make sure the micro-SD card has a storage capacity supported by your device. You will find this information on our website www.archos.com.


Your micro-SD card needs to be formatted to FAT32 to be detected by your device. You can check the formatting of of your micro-SD card from a computer. 


If your card is not detected by your device, you need to format it to FAT32. There are several methods: 


  • use the format utility on your device 
  • use a third-party utility such as GUI FAT32 Format for instance
  • use the format utility integrated in your device. If your card is not formatted in a recognized filing system, a notification will warn you and suggest you to automatically format in FAT32. 

We recommend you to save all the information of your micro-SD card before formatting it to avoid any loss of your data. 

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