General Questions

I have installed a firmware/plug-in/game file on my Archos TV+ but it is not recognized by the device.
You may have not correctly copied your file on the device. If it has been copied in any of the folders included in your Archos TV+, it won’t be recognized. You have to copy your downloaded file to the root directory of your Archos (the root directory or folder is the one where you can see all of the other folders in the device). Note: you can also update your firmware online (MENU > Settings > System > Software and Plug-ins).

My Archos can’t play Flash games. Why? What should I do?
Your games may not be supported by your device as they have been designed to be played on a computer. Certain features of the Flash game may not work on a computer or may react less rapidly. Proceed as follows: • Copy the .swf file (the Flash game) into the folder named “Flash” on the Archos. • Manually update your ARCLibrary. You will first have to switch the USB mode to PC Hard Drive mode (MENU > Settings > System > USB mode) so that the “Update the ARCLibrary” button can be activated. Now you should be able to access your games through the Widgets icon.

I can’t type any numbers on the virtual keyboard. Where are they?
You have to select the “Alt” button to access the numbers.

I have downloaded a plug-in/game file but I can’t install it. The file size is 0 Kb or a message says that it is corrupted or that the update has failed.
Your download may have not been successful. You should try to download your file a second time. Check that you have entered the Product Key exactly as written as in the settings. You may have typed a wrong Product Key when activating your product. If you still can’t install your file, you should contact our technical support (plugins@archos.com).

What is the storage capacity of the Archos TV+?
The storage capacity depends on which Archos TV+ model you purchased. With an 80GB Hard Drive, you can store up to 100 Movies, 800,000 photos or 45,000 songs. With a 250GB Hard Drive, you can store up to 310 Movies, 2,500,000 photos, or 145,000 songs. Note: The amount of images, videos, and songs you can store on your device will vary depending on the size, bitrate, resolution and the encoding quality of your files.

File Playback

I have the cinema and video podcast plug-ins but I can’t play VOB and H.264 files on my unit through media sharing (UPnP) with Windows Media Player 11.
Windows Media Player 11 used for UPnP does not support VOB files. With H.264, you need a resolution of 720x576.

Why can’t I view some of my pictures on my Archos TV+?
The format and/or resolution of the picture files are most likely not supported by the Archos TV+. Check the resolution, the size and the format of the files.

Which formats are supported by the Archos TV+?
For Video Playback : • MPEG-4 (ASP@L5 AVI, up to DVD resolution), WMV9 (MP@ML, up to DVD resolution) • With optional plug-ins (available at www.archos.com/products/gen_5/archos_tv/plugins.html): Podcast plug-in: H.264 up to DVD resolution and AAC sound; Cinema Plug-in: MPEG-2 MP@ML up to 10 Mbps (up to DVD resolution) and AC3 stereo sound; VOB For Audio Playback : • Stereo MP3 decoding @ 30-320 Kbits/s CBR & VBR, WMA, Protected WMA, WAV (PCM/ADPCM). • With optional software plug-ins (available at www.archos.com/products/gen_5/archos_tv/plugins.html): AAC, AC3 stereo audio files Note: Certain bitrates, resolutions, and/or file variations may not be compatible. For Photo viewing: JPEG, BMP, PNG Note: Certain resolutions and file sizes may not be compatible.

Files Transfer

Why does it take a long time to transfer files from my PC to the Archos TV+?
If you are transferring files from a shared folder on your Windows PC using a WiFi connection, then the speed will be related to the quality of the connection from your TV+ to your WiFi point. The farther your PC is from your TV+ the slower the transfer rate will be.

I can’t copy files onto my Archos through my USB key. What should I do?
• First, make sure you have updated the firmware on your TV+ (at www.archos.com/support/download/firmware.html or by Menu > Settings > Firmware & Plug-ins > Online Firmware update if the TV+ is connected to the Internet). • Check that the file you want to copy is not larger than 2 GB since you cannot copy files over this size. However, changing your connection mode and switching to Hard Drive mode (MENU > Settings > System > USB mode) will enable you to transfer files up to 4 GB (except for .AVI files). • Check the file system used by your USB key and make sure it has been formatted in FAT32. • Try resetting your Archos and connect your USB key.

When I plug a USB device into the TV+ (hard drive, USB key, Digital camera…), it is not supported. What should I do?
• Make sure you have updated the firmware on your TV+ (at www.archos.com/support/download/firmware.html or by Menu > Settings > Software & Plug-ins > Online Firmware update if the TV+ is connected to the Internet). • If you are trying to connect an external hard drive, verify that it has been formatted in FAT 32. USB devices formatted in NTFS or other file systems cannot be read by the Archos. If your USB device is a hard drive, it may require significant power. Try using a shorter cable.If it is self-powered, plug it to an external power supply.

Why is it impossible to copy files larger than 2GB to my Archos TV+?
You cannot copy files larger than 2 GB to your Archos due to the FAT* 32 file system constraints. However changing your connection mode and switching to Hard Drive mode (MENU > Settings > System > USB mode) will enable you to transfer files up to 4 GB (except for .AVI files). *FAT stands for “File Allocation Table” and is a popular file system used for hard drives and USB devices such as digital cameras and USB keys. This file table system is typically compatible with other operating systems (Mac Os, Linux…).

WiFi Connection

I can’t see my shared media files on my PC through Windows Media Player 11 on my Archos TV+. What should I do?
Try the following options:
- Make sure that your Archos is detected by Windows Media Player as a UPnP device. You should see an Icon with the TV+ label in the Sharing Parameters window in Windows Media Player 11 when you select Library > Share Multimedia Files.
- Check that you have properly set up your media player’s sharing options.
- Check that a Firewall software you have installed is not blocking your PC from sharing multimedia content from Windows Media Player.

I have the Web browser plug-in but I can’t access properly certain Web sites or not at all. Why?
Certain Web sites are not compatible with the Opera browser due to the complexity of Web pages. Pages that use Java technology will not be able to display Java elements. Javascript is supported.

When I try to connect my Archos TV+ and my computer on the same network, my connection is cut due to an IP address conflict.
Your PC and Archos TV+ are most likely configured exactly the same way. They are trying to use the same IP (Internet Protocol) address. Thus there is a conflict.
When you configure the network connection on your TV+, select “Automatic” (DHCP).

Note: Most WiFi routers support DHCP.

I can’t connect to my WIFI network. What should I do?
If you manually configured your WiFi network, double check that you have carefully entered the correct parameters that your WiFi network requires. If you still can’t connect to your network, it could be that it is protected (a closed padlock icon next to it when the TV+ shows the available WiFi points) or that your modem/router filters MAC* addresses of WiFi devices that try making a connection. You should ask the person that has configured the WiFi access point if such filtering has been put in place. Typically home networks are encrypted. Check your WiFi access point documentation to find out what type of encryption it has by default (WEP, WPA, etc.) and what the encryption key/password is that you must enter. *A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique, hardware-based identifier that specifies your particular WiFi device (the TV+).

I can’t connect to my WIFI network through my Orange Livebox. What should I do?
Press the “pairing” button on the back of the Orange box before you try to connect with your TV+. This will allow the TV+ WiFi to establish a connection. Once your TV+ has made an Internet connection with the Orange Livebox, you will not have to do this again for later connections.

I can’t access the Archos Content Portal of the Archos TV+.
If you have not registered your Archos TV+, you can’t access the Archos Content Portal. You can register your product online on the ARCHOS web site (www.archos.com/register). If your product is already registered, make sure that you have a good Internet connection.

Device Troubleshooting

I tried resetting my Archos but it still won’t reboot. Why? What should I do?
Your device may have been damaged. Try a system recovery to repair or format the disk. For more information about the system recovery, refer to our complete PDF manual online (www.archos.com/support/support_tech/manuals.html).
Before starting a system recovery, first make sure that your Archos is plugged to your TV and is powered.
Restart your device (remove the power adaptor, wait 15 seconds then replug it) and when the red indicator starts blinking, press the TV button on the remote control. Once you are on the recovery mode screen, you will have to select between “Repair Disk” and “Format Disk”.
Start by selecting “Repair Disk” and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. See the full PDF manual (available on the Archos web site) on how to use the Repair and Format options.

If repairing the disk did not work, try formatting the disk by selecting “Format Disk”. Note that the formatting will erase all data.

If you still cannot restart your Archos after trying a system recovery, you should contact our technical support.

I can’t turn my Archos TV+ on. What should I do?
Try disconnecting your power adapter, wait for 15 seconds and reconnect it. When the red LED indicator stops blinking, press the Power button on the supplied remote control to turn on your device.
Make sure that your television is selecting the video input that you have connected the TV+ video output to. It may be working, but you just do not see the image on your television.

If your device still does not operate, try using the Reset button.
For more information, refer to our complete PDF manual online (www.archos.com/support/support_tech/manuals.html)

Installation and Registration

Which formats are supported by the Archos TV+ for video recording?
For video recording, the TV+ can record NTSC, PAL, or SECAM video sources and will save that in MPEG-4 SP files with ADPCM stereo sound at a resolution of 640 x 480 @ 30 or 25 f/s, in AVI format.
For audio recording, the TV+ can record WAV (IMA ADPCM or PCM) format.

I cannot download the TV Program Guide since I’m asked to register the product but this has already been done.
You may have registered your Archos TV+ but you also need to subscribe to the TV Program Guide to get access to it.

If you already have an ARCHOS account, type your e-mail and password, then click on "Login". Select "Manage Products" and then your ARCHOS product. You can now click on "Subscribe" next to the TV Program Guide line.

I cannot update the TV Program Guide online since an error message says that the update has failed.
The server of the TV Program Guide provider may be overloaded. You should try to update your TV Guide at another time.

Does the Archos TV+ need to be switched on to record or can I leave the unit in standby?
You can leave the unit in standby to make recordings.

My Archos TV+ fails to record when my TV is switched off.
Your TV+ video and audio inputs should be connected to the output of a tuner (cable box, satellite receiver, etc.) and not to your TV. This way, it does not matter whether or not your television is on or off.

I selected a certain channel lineup but some channels are missing. Why?
You probably have additional channels that are not included in the default channels offered by your provider.
The TV Program Guide only shows the default channels of the selected lineup.

You can add additional channels manually be going to Menu > Settings > TV Control > Channels.

I tried to set my Infrared Emitter but I could not find my tuner brand in the available list. How can I get the DVR Station to control my cable box, satellite receiver, etc.?
Make sure you have installed the latest version of the firmware. Firmware updates add new codes to control tuners that become available on the market.
As there are constantly new video products being added to the market, there may be some devices that are not listed.

Try using all of the codes for a particular brand, there are typically more than three or four for any given brand (ex: When setting the code, 2/4 means that your are trying code group 2 of 4 available code groups).

If your brand is not listed, then try to find out if that brand is actually manufactured by another company whose brand is on the list. Sometimes you can see the original manufacturer’s name on the bottom of the device. The codes for that brand might then be compatible with your device.

Can I use other cables than the supplied cables (coaxial, optical fiber, cables…) to connect my device to my equipment?
You should use the supplied cables when possible. However, if you need to make a special connection due to your audio/visual hardware configuration, you can use standard RCA and S-video cables available from most TV retailers.

Note that the SPDIF audio connection is a wired RCA cable and not an optical cable.

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