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What's an MP3 file?
MP3 is the abbreviation of MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3. It is the most common audio file format that contains audio information such as music or voice. It is a compression/decompression audio format offering CD quality but taking up much less memory space.

What is DRM?
DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a system of solutions created and designed as a means to control the unauthorized duplication and illegal distribution of copyrighted digital media.


Often, when you buy music on the Internet, it is a DRM file. This allows only the purchaser of the song to play it. If you have such purchased music on your computer and would like to transfer it to your ARCHOS 105, you will need to use Windows Media Player to 'Synchronize' it to the 105. Merely copying it and pasting it into the 105 in Windows Explorer will not allow it to play on the 105.

How can I lock/unlock the buttons on my ARCHOS?
To lock the button, hold down on the MENU button until a padlock icon appears in the top-left corner of the screen.
This will not affect the volume control.

To unlock the buttons, hold down on the MENU button until the padlock icon disappears.


Do I need any drivers to connect my ARCHOS to my computer with the USB cable?
You do not need any drivers to plug your ARCHOS to your computer. ARCHOS products have been designed to be automatically recognized by recent operating systems.

ATTENTION: ARCHOS devices are NOT supported by old operating systems such as Win95, Win98, Win98se, WinNT, as well as older Mac versions.

When connecting your ARCHOS to your computer, your device will be recognized and connected depending on which version of Windows Media Player you have.

- If you connect your ARCHOS to your PC and it has Windows Media Player 10 or higher installed, it will connect (default connection mode) as a ‘Media Device’ and allow purchased music and videos to be synchronized to your ARCHOS.

- If you connect your device to your PC and you have an older Windows Media Player version on your computer (Media Player 9 or lower), the unit will automatically switch to Hard Drive Mode. Protected music and videos from your PC cannot be synchronized to your ARCHOS in this mode.

Note 1: Macintosh and Linux computers will always connect in ‘Hard Drive’ mode.

Note 2: You might receive a message saying that your unit is not compatible. You can proceed and click on "Continue". ARCHOS products are fully compatible with the recent Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Batteries / Power

Can I replace the battery on my ARCHOS?
No, the device does not have a removable battery.
If you think you have a battery issue, please contact our Technical Support.

Is there a power adapter I can use to charge my ARCHOS?

This device is normally charged using the USB cable connected to a running computer. If a computer is not available, there are adapters available on the market that plug into the wall or into a car cigarette lighter and have a USB connection to charge USB devices. Archos cannot be held responsible if such charger does not provide the standard USB voltage and current thus damaging your Archos.


Which audio files can my played by the ARCHOS?
• MP3, (30 to 320 kbits/s)

• WAV,

• WMA and protected WMA(DRM).

These are standard Microsoft audio file types.

Note: AAC (Apple format), Real Audio and Ogg Vorbis audio formats are not recognised by ARCHOS devices.

My player won't play my wma files, a message comes up saying "xxx file is not supported", what am I doing wrong?
If you bought this song from a music website, you have to use Windows Media Player 10 or higher to transfer (Synchronize) the music to the 105 device. Use will use the Sync tab.


Copy protected songs (WMA DRM) cannot be just Copy/Pasted to your Archos Device in Windows Explorer.

I just copied some music files on my device, and when I play them I cannot see the album art. What’s the problem?


There are two methods to get album art to show on your ARCHOS 105. Either make sure that you have an APIC incorporated into each music file or make sure that there is a jpeg image in the same folder as your music file. The second method being valid when your device is in Windows Media mode (this is the default out-of-box mode). The former can be done by editing the tags of the file using Windows Media Player or another music tagging third party software.


We suggest that you don’t use images bigger than 128x128 pixels.

How much music can I store on the ARCHOS?
With the 2GB Flash memory, you can store up to 1,000 songs*.

The amount of songs you can store on your device will vary depending on the size, bitrate, resolution and the encoding quality of your files.

*On average, the audio capacity is based on 3.5 mins/song & a 64 kbits/s WMA encoding.


How can I get photos from my computer onto the Archos 105?

Transferring Photos in Hard Disk Mode


Transferring Photos using Windows Explorer

- connect your Archos 105 to your computer.

- on your computer, locate the pictures you want to transfer, select them and copy them (right click > copy).

- open ‘My Computer’ and double click on the Archos 105 icon

- open the Pictures folder paste your pictures there (right click > paste).


Note that your photos must go into the Pictures folder if you want to be able to view them directly on your Archos.



Transferring Photos with Windows Media Player

- In your media library, locate the pictures you want to transfer, select them and put them into the sync list(right click > add to sync list).

- Click on the button 'Start Synchronization' in the Synchronize panel.


How can I get videos onto my Archos 105?
You will need to use Windows Media Player*. Because the Archos must have small sized video files, the typical files you find on the internet are either too big or not in the right file format.


Open Windows Media Player and click on the Sync tab. Drag the desired video files into the sync list panel. Once there, click the button on the bottom 'Syncronize now'. Windows Media Player will now start converting your files to a smaller size and into the correct format that your Archos 105 can play. The 105 plays video files of type WMV9 which are smaller than 160x128 pixel resolution. *you must be using the default connection mode 'Windows Device' for this to work properly.


My ARCHOS stops/blocks while playing. What should I do?

1. First, make sure the device's battery is charged.


2. Shut off the device and then turn it back on again.


3. If the device has been set to Mass Storage mode, can connect it to your PC and perform a Scan Disk operation.


4. You can reset the device by holding down on the x "Off" button for 15 seconds.

My ARCHOS will not turn on.
It may be that the battery needs to be recharged. Plug the included USB cable into a running computer and the other end to the ARCHOS 105. When the ARCHOS turns on, select “Charge only”, and let it charge for a few hours.


On rare occasions, the Archos can get a false shutdown and not want to start back up again. This can be remedied by holding down on the x “Off” button for 15 seconds (while not connected to the computer). This is how one resets the 105. Now turn on your 105 as normal. To make sure this false ‘shutdown’ does not block you again, you should update your ARCHOS to the latest software (firmware) by going to the Archos web site and downloading it to your device. Go to www.archos.com/support/download/firmware.html.

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