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Can I delete songs from my ARCHOS?
You can delete individual songs by selecting Files (fr: fichiers, de:Navigation) from the main screen, and then going to the Music folder and selecting then highlighting the song to delete. Next, press and hold on the volume + button. By selecting Yes, and then pressing the play/pause button, the selected song will be permanently deleted.


How do I delete a song from my favorites?
Select favorites and then scroll down to the song you want to remove. Press and hold down on the volume + button. A small menu will appear. Select Remove and press play/pause. This will just delete it from the favorites list, not from the device completely.

How do I set up my Favorites music list?
To add a song, select ‘Music’ from the main screen and then select Title. Once you see the song you want to add to your favorites list, press and hold the volume + button. A small menu will appear on the screen. Select “Yes” to add the song to the favorites category.

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