[GamePad/GamePad 2] How can I pair the buttons using the mapping tool?

After you launched the game, press the mapping tool icon next to the quick settings at the bottom right of the screen. A new window is displayed. It allows to pair buttons:



  1. Virtual button(e.g.: jump or shoot)
  2. Virtual joystick for moving
  3. Virtual target button for shooting games


Hold the desired mapping button and drag it to the virtual (on screen) button that you pair it with. Select the button or joystick on your game controller that you want to associate.


Joysticks and Targets offer more options that you can modify anytime.


If you used the wrong controller or you want to remove a pairing, launch the mapping tool and hold the controller to be modified. A Window is displayed:



Select the Tool icon to modify the controller and select the X icon to delete it.

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