[TV Connect] I am having problems using my remote control, what can I do?

When your remote control is connected to the TV Connect, the icon is displayed in the notification bar in the bottom right, next to the Bluetooth icon .


In case of malfunction, first check the batteries to see if they are not flat.

If your batteries are ok, go to Settings then select the Bluetooth tab. In the Bluetooth section, in Paired devices, The TV Connect remote should be displayed (See below to know what to do if it is not displayed).

A USB mouse connected to the USB host port on your TV connect will be required.


  • To connect your remote, click your mouse on Ludo Remote on the right side. A connection message appears, then press any button on your remote.
  • If this does not work, you must restart Bluetooth. With your mouse, click on the top right panel and turn off then on all Bluetooth communications on your TV conenct. Then repeat the procedure above.


You can also restart a pairing process on your remote if it does not appear in the associated devices, or if you are unable to connect despite restarting Bluetooth. Be careful in this case to first of all unpair your remote from associated peripherals. To do this, click your mouse on the settings to the right side of Ludo Remote and select remove.

To restart the pairing process on your remote, press 3 seconds on the Start button and select your TV Connect Start association with the remote. Follow the steps through to associate your remote.


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