How to transfer data using HotKnot ?

The devices used must be equipped with the HotKnot feature and it has to be activated on both of them. The two devices should not be in sleep mode or turned off.

  • 1. Whatever the type of the file, either a contact (example shown on the left), or a photo (example shown on the right), go to the corresponding app ( People, Gallery or  Files).
  • 2. Select the file to be transferred.
  • 3. Select the HotKnot button. 


  • 4.Bring the two phones closer to each other and stick the two front faces until a notification sound informs you about the connection between the two devices.
  • 5. During the transfer, the distance separating the two devices should exceed very few centimeters.

During the transfer process, and also at the end, you are informed through notifications. The received files are available in the HotKnot folder.

 Your activated WiFi connection can interfer in the data transfer. We advise you to deactivate in the two devices in case of malfunctioning.

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