What is a room ? How can I create / modify / delete a room ?

A room is an area where accessories are placed. It is also the main screen displayed when you launch the ARCHOS Smart Home app.


The "Rooms" tab allows to monitor easily events occuring in a room.


It is required to create at least one room to use the ARCHHOS Smart Home app. The first time you launch the app, you are asked to create a room.



1. It indicates in which room you are. If you have created many rooms, slide right to display them.

2. You can reorganize your menu the way you want by adding / moving / deleting information

3. You can add / modify / delete a room.

4. Blocks of information collected from your accessories. Select a block of information to display detailed information.


  • To create a room, select the Rooms tab  on the left, then select the  button up right. In the displayed window, select Add a room and name it.
  • To rename or modify an existing room, select the  button up right, then select the desired room. A new contextual menu is displayed.



1. Add a room

2. Rename / delete a room

3. Save the changes

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