How to send Ethers?

It’s time for you to start sending and receiving Ethers.

We consider in the following “How to” that your device is already configured. If it’s not, please check our video on our website: “Configure your Safe-T mini”.

To send ethers, please connect to

The following webpage will be displayed:


Click on “GO TO MYCRYPTO” next to the Ether icon.

This will open a new webpage:

 Note that this open instead than Indeed, MyCrypto team is merging our developments. This should take maximum two weeks. 


Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Safe-T mini icon
  2. Click on “Connect to Safe-T mini” and enter your PIN (numbers will be displayed on your Safe-T mini screen)
  3. Click on “Export” and enter your PIN (numbers will be displayed on your Safe-T mini screen)

    By clicking on “Export”, you give MyCrypto access to your public keys. Those keys are public, so there are no issues sharing them.

  4. Select the address on which you want to send/receive ethers and click on “Unlock”.

Different Ethereum addresses are displayed. All of these addresses are accessible via your Safe-T mini. Select the address you want to use for your transactions. 

MyCrypto is now connected to your Safe-T mini!

Click on “Send Ethers & Tokens”.

The following page will open:


In the “To Address” box, enter the address of the person to who you’ll send ethers.

In the “Amount” box, enter the amount of ethers you want to send.

You’ll need to adjust the “Transaction fee” bar. The more fee you put, the quicker your transaction will be validated. We recommend to put the “fee” bar in the middle.               

When clicking on send, you’ll have to validate the transaction on your computer and on your Safe-T mini.

Make sure to check the information displayed on your Safe-T mini because that information can’t be hacked, when what your computer screen is not 100% safe!


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