Receive Ethers

We consider in the following “How to” that your device is already configured. If it’s not, please check our video on our website: “Configure your Safe-T mini”.

To send and receive Ethers, please connect to:

1)      Click on “Request payment” 



Your receiving address is now displayed in the “To Address” box and on the right of the screen.

This is the address on which people have to send ethers in order for you to receive them.

Gas are the fees to validate the ethers transaction. We recommend not to change the Gas limit displayed.

For security reason, will also recommend you to click on “Display address on Safe-T mini” section. This will display on your Safe-T mini your receiving address and your QR code, and you can check those are the same than on your computer screen.

Indeed, your computer screen could be hacked while what’s displayed on your Safe-T mini is cannot.

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2018-11-22 11:06