How do I transfer content from my computer running Windows®?

There can be several connection modes for a device running Android™:


  • Multimedia peripheral (MTP): requires Windows® Media Player (11 or later)
  • Camera (PTP): files can be copied only into the folders "DCIM" and "Pictures" of your device. A driver will be installed on first connection. 
  • Mass Storage (MSC): your device is detected as an external hard drive et requires a manual confirmation.   A driver will be installed on first connection
  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB): specific mode for applications developers. A driver is required. 

To check which connection mode you're using on your device, go to   (or) Settings > Storage
and then press  Menu (or the didicated button of your device) to display USB computer connnection.


It is recommended to use the MTP or MSC mode to transfer your files. From your workstation (or My computer), double click on your device to get access to its internal memory as well as its micro-SD card if you have inserted one. Then, select the folder where you want to copy your content. 

A warning message from your operating system will be displayed when you will try to copy your content into your device in the MTP mode. Confirm the copy if you're sure that the source of the file is safe and that it's compatible with your device.  

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