Which USB devices work on my device?

If your device has a USB host port, you can  plug it various accessories that can be detected by your device. Please note that a cable (sold separately) may be required. 


Unlike a computer on which you can install drivers to ensure that your USB device is operating correctly, Android™ doesn't let you install drivers. These drivers need to be part of the operating system. Each new update increases the number of drivers available and thus more and more USB devices will work on your device.   


Most keyboards / mouses are compatible with your device.  


Most storage solutions (USB key, hard drive etc...) are dedected by your device, provided that the filing system is also compatible with your device (generally FAT32) and if thet need less than 500mA of power which is the maximum for a USB port. If this is not the case, please connet your storage solution to an external power supply.  


Concerning the other USB devices (printer, webcam etc...),, it is unlikely that it works. The easiest way is to plug your USB device and see if it works. If it doesn't, contact the manufacturer of the accessory to see if there is a solution to make it compatible with your Android™ device. 

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