How do I insert a micro-SD card?

Depending on your device, there are different methods to insert the card. In any case, there is only one possible direction to insert it. If the card doesn't fit,do not force it in, as this may damage your device. 


On some devices, the card is inserted into a slot. The slot is composed of a spring for extracting the card; make sure you hear the clicking sound when you insert the card to be sure it is recognized by your device.

Once the card is correctly inserted, an icon  will be displayed in the notifications bar. If your card is correctly recognized and ready for use, the icon will change in . If it doeesn't work, you will receive a notification giving you the reason why it doesn't work. 


It may be necessary to reboot your device to get your card recognized.


To remove the micro-SD card without any risk of deterioration of its content, please read the following FAQ

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