How can I back-up my data before restoring my device?

There are two types of data that can be backed-up: 


  • your personal data (photos, musics, videos, files) that you want to save manually 
  • the data related to Android™(applications, settings, WiFi passwords etc...) that you can save from the settings


Personal data


You can backup the multimedia content from the internal memory of your device. To save it, simply plug your device via USB port to your computer and copy files that interest you. Other methods to transfer your files exist, please read the following FAQ


We recommend you save your files on a regular basis to avoid any loss. 


Android™ data


The Android™ system allows backup of some data on Google's remote servers: the application data (the progress of a game, contacts etc ...), Android ™ settings as well as your WiFi passwords. Depending on your version of Android, you can also restore your applications without having to download them one by one.

Note that any additional data required after installation of an application will not be saved and must be downloaded to launch the application if necessary.


To set up your data, go to (or ) Settings > Backup & reset and check the Save my data. Then you must specify a backup account attached to which the information will be stored.


Restore automatically by checking the box, you will recover all the information on the application after its removal, such as your settings or your level of play in a game.


Synchronization and backup are performed automatically at regular intervals. You can force this procedure from your backup account in the settings.

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