[Video/Music] How do I stream media files from my computer to my device?

You can play remote files with the ARCHOS Video and  ARCHOS Music applications. Make sure your device and the computer containing the files are on the same wireless network. 


We recommend to use UPnP protocol for Windows® users, Linux and Mac OS users will need to use SMB protocol .


From the homepage of the application, select the protocol for your operating system and then select the computer connected on your network. All shared files will be displayed. 
Please note that with UPnP, all your files are listed by type of media while with the protocol SMB the shared folders are are directly displayed. 





Your files need to be added to your multimedia library to be visible over UPnP. 


Windows 7 or later


Make sure you activated continous sharing of multimedia content in Configuration panel >  

> Network and Sharing Center > Advanced Sharing Settings.

Once this option is activated, make sure that you share your music, photos and videos. 

To add content to your multimedia library, right click on the folder of your choice and select Include in library. Once added, the folder will be visible over UPnP from your device.  


Previous versions


You need to have Windows® Media Player 11 (or later) on your computer. In Library, select Media sharing. Once it's activated, your device should be displayed in the list. Select your device and authorize the sharing and apply the changes. 

Linux or Mac OS


Please read the user guide of your operating system. 


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