Connecting your device to a computer

Because Android ™ aims to be accessible to all without requiring any special skills to use it, connecting to a computer to transfer files is easy. 

If you want to copy music to listen to it on the go or transfer the latest photos you've taken to your computer for printing, simply connect the USB cable that comes with your device to your computer and follow the appropriate procedure depending on your operating system.


By default, Android ™ stores files in predefined locations (detailed below). We advise you to copy the files from your computer to your device in these predifined cases in order tomake it easier to find them when using applications on yoru device.


Videos : Movies

Music : Music

Photos : Pictures

Photos/Videos taken with your device : DCIM/Camera

Files received via Bluetooth® : Bluetooth

Saved files (e-mail, browser etc...) : Download

Screenshots : Screenshots

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