Notification and Status bars

The notification and status bars display different types of information. These bars can be displayed either at the bottom right or the top of the screen. To see their content, touch the bar and drag down (or up if the bar is at the bottom). Tap anywhere on the screen to remove it from the screen.  


Notification Bar


Any new message is displayed in the notification bar (missed calls, app updates ...)


When you drag down the notification bar:

  • you can press on a notification.
  • you can swipe left/right a notification to delete it.
  • you can delete all notifications at once by pressing the button .


Status Bar


It displays Time & Date, Battery level and WiFi connection. When you display the status bar, you have access to the quick settings. To display all quick settings, press the  button. More information about the actions you can perform in the following FAQ.

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