How can I make / answer a phone call?

If you have a device that lets you make and answer calls, you can find the application  Phone in the applications drawer or on your home page. Make sure you have correctly inserted your SIM card and you have an appropriate mobile contract.

Make a phone call


In the Phone application, you can make a call from any tab. 


From the tab: telephone keypad  (or )


Dial the phone number of the person you want to call. While you're dialing, suggestions from your contacts will appear to help you save time. You also have the possibility to add the number in your contatcs. 


After dialing your number, press the middle button  and make your call. 


From the tab: History 


Select the number you want to call if it is visible in your history. If needed, confirm by choosing the type of call you want to make (voice or video) or  press .


From the ta: Contacts or  Favourites


Select the contact or number saved as favourite and press it. if needed, press .


Answer a call


 When you receive a phone call, a new window will automatically be displayed on your screen. 



1. Main notification warning you of a phone call. You need to drag this icon to the direction of your choice to answer / end / respond by sending an SMS

2. By dragging the icon to the left, you decline the call and the person calling is redirected to your voice mail. 

3. By dragging the icon to the right, you answer the call. 

4. By dragging the icon to the top, you decline the call and you can answer via a choice from a list of preprogrammed (editable) text messages. 

5. Photo linked to your contact

6. Your contact information (name & first name), provided by you. If the person calling is not saved in your contacts, the number is displayed and a location attempt is done. 


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