How can I send and reply to a text message?

If you have a device that allows you to send and receive SMS/MMS messages, you will find the app SMS/MMS in the applications drawer or in your homescreen. Make sure you have correctly inserted your SIM card and you have an appropriate mobile contract.


This preinstalled app lets you display your chat logs with your contacts as a conversation. A thread is created for each contact (or group of contacts), grouping all of your messages with this (or these) contact(s). The texts you send are displayed on the right of the screen and the answers from your contacts on the left.


To create a new thread with a contact or group of contacts, press  and select the contact. If you want to create a discussion group, select the different contacts and they will receive the same text. 


The app interface might change depending on your device and updates but its operation remains the same. 



1. Press here to display the virtual keyboard and type the name of your contact if it is already saved in your address book or type in your contact's phone number. Press  to save your contact in your phone address book. 

2. Press here to display the virtual keyboard and type out your text message.

3. This button, sometimes represented by a paper clip   , lets you attach a file to your text. It converts your SMS into an MMS. Several additional options are thus possible. 

4. Application menu (or the dedicated button on your device), that gives you access to the app settings as well as several options such as delivery reports. 

5. Button to send your text message.

6. Back button to return to the main page of the application to see all your conversations. 


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