How can I configure my e-mail account on my device?

If you have an e-mail account different from your Gmail account and you want to add it, launch the E-mail app .


Firstly, type in your e-mail address and the corresponding password. You can also choose to manually set up your account. We recommend you to press Next letting it try to set up automatically.

You have two choices: 


  • If you have a common online e-mail account, like Hotmail, the account is set up automatically.
  • If your account is not set up automatically, you will be required to set it up manually. Contact your e-mail service provider for the details if you don't have them thier website should also have the details somewhere.

If your account is not configured correctly an error message will be shown.


You can select this account as your default account to send e-mails.


When you have finished, press Next. Choose a name for your account in case of multiple accounts.


If you want to add a new account, you have two options:


  • Go to  (or) Settings > Accounts > Add an account
  • In the e-mail app, open Menu (or the corresponding Menu button) > Settings > Add an account

To know how to use an e-mail app, go to this FAQ.

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