How to create a contact ?

1. Go to the All Apps section  and open  People.
2. Select  in the lower right side of the screen to add a new contact.
3. In the displayed window, select where you want to save the contact (device, SIM card, Google account)

According to the selected location, you have benefits and disadvantages. Find below the main ones:

  • Device: More details about the contact (photo, addresses etc...) but you may lose the contact in case of device malfunctioning.
  • SIM card: You will get back your contacts when you change your device but you can only display the name and the phone number for each contact.
  • Google account: More details about the contact (photo, addresses etc...) and a possibility to synchronize your contacts and store them in the cloud. But you need to be connected to the Internet to get them back in case of any change.

4. Add all the details you want for the contact and save the entry.

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