[Activity Tracker] Details on the application

To access the Activity Tracker area of the Connected Self application simply touch the red banner in the application main screen.



In the new screen that opens you will be able to see your performance history and set your weekly objective.



1. Duration selector for the progression graph - by day / week / month / year

2. Progression graph

3. Complete data showing: the number of steps for a week, the percentage of your goal attained, calories burned, distance walked

4. Touch to change your weekly goal 

5. Lets you change the data display (see below)

6. Share your data on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail

7. Go back to the previous screen


If you want to change the data collected touch .



1. Display of measurements by day

2. Go back to the graph view

3. Yo back to the previous menu


To set your weekly goal touch the corresponding button.



1. Press and hold the dot then move it around the circle to change the set goal of steps per week

2. Touch to save your changes

3. Touch to go back to the previous menu

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