How can I retrieve and re-install apps that came preinstalled on my device?

Most of preinstalled applications are integrated in a internal software. We also give you access to additionnal applications that can be installed during the installation wizard. You will find them for each device on


To reinstall them after the reset of your device, please follow this order : 


  1. When you turn on your device after the reset, copy the files in the internal memory of your device via a computer before passing through the installation wizard. If you already passed through the wizard, see below. If you made a mistake when you copied your files, restart your device before copying your files. 
  2. After you copied the files, follow the start-up guide until the step suggesting you to install applications. 

If you want to reset the applications while you already accessed the Android™ system, you will need to restart the wizard. There are two methods, depending on your device. Go in  (or) Settings and then  :


  • in   Repair and formatting, select the option Installation Wizard.


  • in  About phone, select the option Start wizard


To manually reinstall an application without going through the wizard, please read the following FAQ

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