Taking care of your device

To extend the life of your device, it is important to take care of it and be sure not to use it in a way that could damage the screen. Over time, even the smallest cracks on your screen can grow and turn into real breaks.


What is advised
  • Protect your device with a suitable protective cover and a screen protector.  
  • If not in use, leave your device on a flat and clean surface. 
  • Keep an eye on your device if used by a young child. 
  • Clean the screen with a cloth or tissue specially designed for cleaning glasses or computer screens. 
  • Clean the inputs (headphones, SIM, USB...) with a spray can of dry gas (for computers). 



What you need to avoid
  • Do not leave your device near objects that can scratch (eg: keys).
  • Do not put your phone in an inappropriate place (ex: rear pants pocket).
  • Avoid high humidity or extreme temperature.
  • Do not insert inappropriate items into the different inputs (SIM, USB, headphones...) 
  • Do not force when inserting the SIM or SD card, make sure you insert it in the right direction.


If despite all these precautions, you encounter a problem, you can contact our technical support.

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