Settings Overview

You can have access to the settings from the All Apps section . According to your Android™, the icon corresponding to the settings can be  /  / .

According to your hardware and your Android™ version, the contents can be different. Additional options are normally available when you press the Menu button on your device or the one onscreen .


Wireless and Networks


 / SIM management: Lets you set up your SIM cards if you own dual SIM devices. 

 /  Wi-Fi: Lets you get access to a WiFi network. 

 /  Bluetooth: Lets you set up the Bluetooth® connexion. 

 HotKnot: Permet d'activer HotKnot pour le transfert de données entre deux appareils

Ethernet: Lets you set up the connexion via RJ-45 Cable 

Mobile data: Lets you activate/desactivate mobile data 

 /  Data usage: Lets you monitor your data usage (3G / 4G) as well as WiFi. 


More...: Lets you access to more features related to wireless communications as Aeroplane mode, 3G network configuration or internet connexion sharing. 




Audio profiles: lets you set up the different audio profiles of your device (silent, outdoor, customized...) 

 /  Sound: Lets you set the volume and the different ringtones.

 /  Display: Lets you set up the screen brightness, the font size or wireless display. 

 OffScreen Gesture: Permet d'attribuer l'ouverture d'une application via une gestuelle sur un écran éteint

 Q Key: Permet d'attribuer l'ouverture d'une application via le bouton dédié

HDMI : Lets you set up the settings for the HDMI output. 

Storage : Summary information about your device storage. Via the Menu, select the way you want to connect to a computer. 

Battery: Summary information about the use of the battery. 

 /  Apps : List of all the apps installed on your device. Several tabs are available to better sort out them (all, dowloaded, on SD card...) 

Archos Fusion Storage : Allow you to merge the internal memory with the micro-SD card. More informations here.

Users : Lets you create user accounts on your device. Each account has its own space. 

Sensors : Provides access to the calibration of the different sensors (proximity, sensibility...) 




 /  Location: Lets you set up the location data. 

 /  Security: Lets you set up the locking of your device or the different permissions. 

  / Comptes: Permet d'ajouter ou modifier les différents comptes (e-mail, Google etc...) stockées dans votre appareil

 /  Language & input : Lets you change the language of the interface, digital keyboard or dictionnary. Also lets you set up the voice search.

 /  Back up & reset : Lets you back up your data on the Google servers and reset your device. 




Date & time : Lets you set up time and date as well as time zone. 

 /  Accessibility : Lets you activate some features for an easier use (large text, talkback...) 

Repair & formatting : Lets you reset your device at several levels (system, storage, complete) 

 Printing: Lets you manage printing system. 

Options for developers : Lets you activate some features designed for developers. 

Screen calibration  : Lets you calibrate your screen if it doesn't respond properly.  

About phone/tablet : Displays various information about your device (system version, model number, system updates....)

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