Phone app interface

The Phone app interface can look different depending on your device but it mostly functions in the same way.




1. Dialer tab: allows you to dial numbers.

2. History tab: allows to see incoming/outgoing calls.

3. People tab: allows to see the list of contacts/favs


 Press a tab to select it.


Keyboard tab



1. Keyboard allows you to dial numbers.

2. Erase button to modify a wrong number.

3. Call button to start a call once you have typed in the numbers.

4. Add to contacts button to save a number.





1. Recent activity

2. Past activity

3. Type of activity (outgoing / incoming / missed calls). See below for the meanings

4. Activity details: last call and number of calls

5. In case of unknown call, a location is provided

6. Call back button

7. Search button


 Missed calls

 Received calls

 Outgoing calls


If the number is saved in your contacts, the saved information will be displayed.

When selecting the number (section 5 in the schema above), the activity details are displayed.



1. Details about the number: outgoing / recieved / missed, duration and date

2. Call back 

3. Send SMS

4. Add to contacts or see contact profile

5. Go back to general history



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