How can I change the different sounds on my device (ringtone)?

Default ringtone and vibrate mode

Go to the All Apps section  and open Settings. According to your Android™ version, open the Sound or Audio profile menu (and if necessary the setting icon besides the corresponding audio profile to open).

According to the available options, you will be able to modify:

  • the default ringtone for the incoming calls
  • the vibrate mode of the device in cas of incoming call
  • the vibrate mode of the touchscreen keys
  • the notification sound (messages, e-mails etc...)
  • the ringtone, alarm & notification volume

Once you have finished, make sure to select the modified audio profile (if available) in order to apply your defined settings.



Ringtone for a contact

Go to the All Apps section  and open  People, then the selected contact. According to the Android™ version of your device:

  • open the Menu section (using the Menu button or the button  on your device) and select Define ringtone


  • edit/modify  the contact, then open Menu > Define ringtone. Select the desired ringtone.

 Your contact must be saved on the device or with your Google™ account so that you can assign it a customised ringtone. You won't be able to customise the contact's ringtone if the latter is saved on your SIM card.

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