How can I activate ARCHOS Fusion Storage?

You need a micro-SD card which is formatted in FAT32 in order to activate ARCHOS Fusion Storage.


  1. Insert your micro-SD card in the micro-SD slot.
    Your device recognizes it and a pop-up window offers you to activate ARCHOS Fusion Storage.  
    Note: if your card is not detected, restart the device. 
  2. Select "OK" and confirm to start the activation process.
    You can also activate ARCHOS Fusion Storage from: Settings  > Archos Fusion Storage  then select Enable Archos Fusion Storage.
    Your device will reboot.

After the reboot, you will be able to optimize the internal storage without any loss of data. The duration depends on the data quantity.

Now your micro-SD card is merged with your internal storage and is not displayed anymore as an external storage.

Note that the Mount SD card option is still available in the Storage section but it becomes inactive. 

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